Is Pain

Controlling Your Life?

  • Missing Out on Fun with Family & Friends?
  • Not Sure Which Treatment is Best?
  • Want to Avoid Unnecessary Drugs & Surgery?
  • Tired of Being Treated Like a Number?
  • We Address the Root Cause of

    Your Pain & Movement Disorders

    You’ll Receive a Private, Thorough Initial Evaluation

    You’ll Feel Empowered with a Clear Plan for Recovery

    You’ll Improve Your Mobility, Strength, Independence

    Regardless of Your Age, You will Improve Your Health & Fitness
Getting Started is Fast & Easy

Did You Know that Not All

Physical Therapy is the Same?

We Understand It’s Difficult to Know If You’re Choosing the Right Healthcare Provider.

  • Get the Care You Deserve: One-on-One Physical Therapy from Our Licensed, Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Since 2008 PT Plus Physical Therapy & Wellness Centers has Been Helping Central Virginia Communities Heal
  • Our Six Locations Offer Natural Solutions for Pain Relief and Help You Easily Transition to a Personalized Health & Wellness Program
Services We Provide

How We Treat

Our Special Total Joint Recovery Program

Faster Results & Less Stress

Right Service, Right Place, Right Time

  • We coordinate, preplan, & schedule your appointments ahead of time
  • We strengthen your body to help you reach your goals
  • Education & immediate post-operative exercise education
  • Prepare your home for the post-surgical recovery process
  • We come to your home to start your rehab as soon as you’re cleared
  • Then easily transition to one of our clinics & work with your same therapist
  • Naturally transition to a fitness, Pilates, or Wellness program if you so desire
Patient Success Stories
  • Frank Wirt

    “Thank you so much! A very professional and knowledgeable group to work with. My knee is 100% and I wouldn’t be back without these great people! I really appreciate everything you all have done. “

  • James Ortte

    “A joy and delight working with Troy. The various exercises have me so much more limber and feeling energetic. Major improvements since I arrived here physically and mentally.”

  • Janice Thomas

    “My Time with Darold at PT Plus was definitely a positive one. He’s pleasant to work with and was very helpful one on one. He discharged me with lots of good information! I feel like there was definite improvement in my mobility. 6 weeks well spent! Thanks Darold!”

We are In-Network with Most Insurance Plans
No Referral, No Problem - See Us Without Seeing Your Doctor First
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If you don’t see your plan listed, please give us a call. We make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before your first visit with us.


Pt Plus PT & Wellness Centers Comparison
Pt Plus PT & Wellness Centers
Pt Plus PT & Wellness Centers
fremont therapy & wellness
Pt Plus PT & Wellness Centers
Family-Friendly Clinic Serving the Area Since 2006 Yes No No
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist Yes No Maybe
Dry Needling Yes Maybe Maybe
Vestibular Rehabilitation Experts Yes No Maybe
Free Pain Relief Workshops Yes No No
Immediate Appointments Available Yes Maybe No
Free Discovery Visit Yes No No
Most Affordable Yes No No
Pt Plus Physical Therapy & Wellness Centers
Family-Friendly Clinic Serving the Area Since 2006:Yes
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist:Yes
Dry Needling:Yes
Vestibular Rehabilitation Experts:Yes
Free Pain Relief Workshops:Yes
Immediate Appointments Available:Yes
Free Discovery Visit:Yes
Most Affordable:Yes
Family-Friendly Clinic Serving the Area Since 2006:No
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist:No
Dry Needling:Maybe
Vestibular Rehabilitation Experts:No
Free Pain Relief Workshops:No
Immediate Appointments Available:Maybe
Free Discovery Visit:No
Most Affordable:No
Family-Friendly Clinic Serving the Area Since 2006:No
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist:Maybe
Dry Needling:Maybe
Vestibular Rehabilitation Experts:Maybe
Free Pain Relief Workshops:No
Immediate Appointments Available:No
Free Discovery Visit:No
Most Affordable:No
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